About me / Toro Gazze


I'm Toro, the creative spirit behind every art piece of art you’ll see on this site, it’s nice to see you here.

I'm a tattoo artist based in Valencia, Spain.

This project was born out of a desire to share my passion and, hopefully, inspire others to aspire, be creative, and aim high. I aim to foster the conviction that our dreams are not just figments of our imagination, but attainable milestones.

I've always been captivated by the power of art to inspire and expose us to fresh and exciting perspectives of the world.

With years of experience in drawing, painting, and tattooing (a profession I've practiced for over 13 years now), I've nurture my skills through consistency and patience to create art in a very characteristic way. 

The unique blend of my styles and influences, honed over the years, created a distinctive path for me, laying the foundation for what I create today. Hugely inspired by art nouveau, neotraditional style and with a solid foundation of realism merged together as the result of iteration and practice over the years.

As a business owner, I prize honesty, transparency, and accountability above all else. I firmly believe in the power of determination, and I am dedicated to provide the best value possible to my customers, taking them to a lil journey and *hopefully* helping them achieve their goals through art.

Feel free to say hi!