Simple Tips for Beautifully Framed Prints

Simple Tips for Beautifully Framed Prints

Upon acquiring one of my art nouveau fine art prints, you may encounter the initial hurdle of framing it correctly.
Framing plays a crucial role in not only protecting the artwork but also in enhancing its visual appeal and ensuring that it seamlessly integrates into your living space.

To aid you in framing your art nouveau fine art print effectively, here are some key aspects to consider:

1. Select an appropriate frame: It is essential to choose a frame that complements the style and color scheme of the artwork. A sophisticated and simple frame typically complements art nouveau prints exceptionally well. For example, a sleek black frame can create a modern contrast with a colorful art nouveau print.
Evaluate the colors that you already have in your space, this simple exercise could help you choose properly since the frame you use will potentially make a big difference in the overall experience.
2. Consider the use of matting: Matting can serve as a visual buffer between the artwork and the frame, adding depth and emphasis to the piece.
With this you can easily create a professional and polished look for your art nouveau print.
For instance, a simple white mat can enhance the details of a delicate art piece.
Most of my designs include a blank space on the outer sides to create the same visual effect without actually needing a mat, but incorporating one could improve its appearance even further.
3. Use high-quality materials: When framing your art nouveau print, it is crucial to utilize acid-free materials to prevent any potential damage to the artwork over time.
Opting for archival-quality materials ensures the longevity and preservation of your art piece. Investing in museum-grade glass can also protect the print from harmful UV rays and environmental factors.
There's even more room to play here since there's a specific type of glasses that can also remove light glares and reflections, enhancing the viewer experience by removing these subtle obstacles that can appear between the eyes and the art piece.
4. Ideally, do it with a professional custom framer.
If you feel unsure about framing your art print correctly, seeking guidance from a professional framer can be the way to go.
A skilled framer can offer expert advice on frame selection, matting options, and conservation techniques, ensuring that your art nouveau print is displayed correctly and securely. 
This is also crucial since most of my art pieces come in a format that's not 'standard' in terms of size proportions. 


US-based Custom Framers

  • Framebridge
Website: Framebridge
Description: Known for its high-quality custom frames and easy-to-use online ordering system. They offer a variety of styles and materials and have a simple process for uploading digital art or mailing in physical prints.
  • Simply Framed
Website: Simply Framed
Description: Offers a range of custom framing options with a straightforward process. Customers can send in their artwork or upload digital files for printing and framing.
  • Level Frames
Website: Level Frames
Description: Provides custom framing solutions with a focus on quality and sustainability. They offer a variety of frame styles and materials, and an easy online ordering process.
  • American Frame
Website: American Frame
Description: A longstanding company in the framing business, offering custom frames, mats, and mounting services. Known for their extensive options and professional-grade materials.
  • Frame It Easy

Website: Frame It Easy
Description: Offers affordable and customizable framing options with a simple online ordering process. They provide a variety of frame styles and sizes to suit different needs.


Worldwide Custom Framers

  • Frame My TV
Website: Frame My TV
Description: Specializes in custom frames for TV screens but also offers custom art framing. Ships internationally and provides a wide range of frame styles.
  • Frameshop Australia
Website: Frameshop
Description: One of Australia's leading online framing services, offering custom frames, canvas prints, and photo printing services. They ship internationally and provide high-quality framing solutions.
  • eFrame (UK)
Website: eFrame
Description: Offers an extensive selection of custom frames and mounts with international shipping options. They have a user-friendly online ordering system and a variety of styles.
  • Art to Frame (Canada)
Website: Art to Frame
Description: Canadian-based custom framer offering a wide selection of frame styles and materials. They provide shipping options to various countries and are known for their high-quality products.
By following these tips, you can make sure your art nouveau fine art print is framed to enhance its beauty and protect it for years to come. Remember, framing is key for art preservation and presentation.
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